People are so ready to get rid of Trump #IHopeOurNextPresident is already trending on Twitter

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If you are totally ready to move on from Donald Trump, you're not alone. According to a report last April from the Wason Center National Survey of 2020 Voters, "President Trump will be the least popular president to run for reelection in the history of polling."

Yes, you read that right, "history of polling."

According to Gallup, his approval rating hasn't really changed since that report. As of October 31, only 41% of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing.

A recent report in Bloomberg found that Trump ranks 10th of 11 polling-era presidents after 1,027 days in office, and his disapproval number is now up to 54.6%.

So people are already fantasizing about a magical day in January 2021 and they wake up to a new president being sworn into office.

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No more crazy 6 am Twitter rants. No more president calling every news report he doesn't like "fake." No more glad-handing with ruthless autocrats. No more bullying and schoolyard nicknames for his political opponents.

Hopefully it's a kinder person who instills a feeling of warmth and pride to be an American instead of a sense of dread and chaos.

Thousands of Twitter users are sounding off who about they type of person they'd like to see in office under #IHopeOurNextPresident. Most of them, it seems, just want a decent human that can handle the job and isn't embarrassing.

Some hope our next president is a functional human being.

Some hope out next president is a decent human being.

A lot of people hope our next president is female.

Some hope it's Mark Del Figgalo. Whoever the hell that is.

Some hope our next president is Democrat Andrew Yang.

Others hope it's "Uncle" Joe Biden.

Some hope the next president isn't a major creep.

Some just hope the next president isn't a racist.

Some just hope it isn't Donald Trump.


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