Brazilian Blogger Recreates Photos of His Deceased Wife with Their Daughter

The photos are recreated perfectly.

Two years ago, the lives of Raphael Del Col and his two-year-old daughter, Raisinha, changed forever. Del Col’s wife, Tatiane, died in a car accident. The Maninga, Brazil resident searched everywhere for fathers in his position to get some advice about how to raise a daughter. Unable to find any help, he started his own blog to connect with fathers like himself and to document life with his “little princess.”

Last year, Del Col was inspired by a fellow blogger that lost his wife to cancer, Ben Nunnery. Nunnery recreated photos of his wedding day with his daughter standing in place of her mother. So, as a tribute to his wife, Del Col recreated his favorite pictures of her with Raisinha in her place.

(H/T LiftBump)