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Vancouver Fans Come To The Rescue, Belting Out The ‘Star Spangled Banner’ When Singer’s Mic Cuts Out

See the eager crowd not only finished the anthem, but saw through “O Canada” from start to finish as well.

Since the St. Louis Blues, an American team, were playing the Canucks in Vancouver last night, bluesman Jim Byrnes was set to pull double duty, belting out not just “O Canada,” but “The Star Spangled Banner” as well.

Unfortunately, things hit a snag early on as the mic began to audibly cut in and out as he was finishing the American National Anthem. Luckily, the enthusiastic crowd was willing and able to step in and finish the song.

Here they are, not only wrapping up “The Star Spangled Banner,” but kicking off and seeing through “O Canada” as well:

Byrne, not one to abandon his post in the face of a technical glitch, led the crowd in both songs, continuing to sing with no amplification. It was clearly a spirited way to kick off the game.

Oh, and in case you thought an American venue wouldn’t be able to return the favor (like I did) because they wouldn’t know the words to “O Canada,” I’m happy to say there’s definitive proof that’s NOT the case.

In November of 2014, a singer’s mic dropped out in similar fashion, leading Toronto fans to finish the “The Star Spangled Banner” prior to a Predators-Maple Leafs game. Then, months later, Predators fans in Nashville were quick to return the favor when the Maple Leafs came to town.

Here’s the Nashville crowd belting out “O Canada” to honor the opposing team:

Nice to see our two countries can cover for each other isn’t it?

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