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The Chicago Bulls Used Their Jumbotron To Honor Chance The Rapper In The Most Awesome Way

It may be goofy, but he’s earned whatever title he wants in Chicago.

Chance the Rapper has quickly become a hometown hero in his native Chicago.

The young rap star has made a name for himself not just through his music but also community outreach, recently pledging $1 million of his own money to help fund Chicago elementary schools. As an encore to the charitable act, Chance convinced the Chicago Bulls to follow suit and match his donation.

However, when the hip-hop star was caught by the cameras courtside at a Knicks game, he was given a rather awkward caption under his name.

Yup. Chance the Rapper is a rapper. Thanks, Knicks.

Not one to let the gaffe slide, the next day Chance tweeted out suggestions for better, less on-the-nose, titles.

The Chicago Bulls took note and, in a recent game, obliged Chance’s goofy request.

Don’t accuse the Bulls of keeping their social media team out of the loop. You may not necessarily see “zaddy” pop up in your day-to-day conversations, but the slang term is used to refer to a debonair, fashionable fellow. No one ever accused rappers of suffering from self-confidence issues, after all. The Bulls were more than happy to lay that lofty designation on one of Chicago’s biggest stars.

“Chance” … “Father” … “Zaddy” … whatever the preferred nomenclature is, Chicago’s willing to follow his wishes as long as the young star keeps looking out for the city’s best interests.

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