More Than 1,000 Colin Kaepernick Supporters Protested Outside The NFL’s Manhattan Headquarters

The large crowd yelled “Boycott!” outside the league’s offices.

Colin Kaepernick may not have a job in the NFL, but he’s still got plenty of supporters for the work he’s performed both on and off the field. On Aug. 23, a massive crowd of more than 1,000 demonstrators protested and rallied outside the NFL’s New York City headquarters to show their support for the former 49ers quarterback who took a knee during pregame national anthems last season and has struggled to find a new team since.

While the rally, dubbed “United We Stand,” was nominally and effectively in support of Kaepernick, many used the opportunity to continue the call to attention over police brutality against African-Americans, one of the issues behind Kaepernick’s symbolic protest. Many in attendance felt that Kaepernick continues to be blackballed by the league for his position on social issues, leading to chants of “Boycott! Boycott!” among protesters.

Wednesday afternoon, the NAACP — members of which were present at the rally — sent a request for a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss Kaepernick and the surrounding controversy.

Also yesterday, baseball legend Hank Aaron spoke to the matter, stating that NFL teams are giving Kaepernick a “raw deal” and urging them to “give him a chance.”

The rally and flurry of activity come after news on Tuesday that, despite his continued unemployment, Kaepernick will be continuing to fulfill his “Million Dollar Pledge” aimed at “fighting oppression and uplifting our communities.”