Conan O’Brien And Kevin Hart Square Off In A CrossFit Gym

Easily one of Conan’s best bits in years.

Comedian Kevin Hart has to be one of the hardest working people in showbiz. Recently, he’s starred in The Secret Life of Pets, Central Intelligence, and Ride Along 2, and now he’s promoting a concert film shot in a football stadium. To show the world how he keeps up with his hectic Hollywood life, he invited late-night host Conan O’Brien to his local CrossFit gym, resulting in one of the most hilarious workout comeptitions ever filmed.

In the clip above, Hart shows that he’s no stranger to the gym by ripping off consecutive pushups while O’Brien hilariously asks Hart to push on his “taint” to keep him above the bar. This sparks a competition between the two men over who’s the most fit. O’Brien ribs Hart for not actually filling a football stadium in his concert film while Hart says O’Brien has “the body of a Dutch woman.” In the end, the video proves how two of America’s most likeable comedians can turn into complete tools after stepping into a CrossFit gym.