Watch This Goofy Mascot Save This Kid From A Foul Ball

Albert the gator with the save

Mascots. They’​re big and goofy and—while we don’t endorse this view—some of the grumps among us have little patience for their antics. We’ll grant that their break dancing challenges and ATV escapades can certainly distract you while watching a game. But, sometimes they can save you when you’​re distracted.

At the beginning of most any baseball game you attend, there’s a warning to pay attention to the game and be on the lookout for flying bats and batted balls. Kids, they don’t always listen so well. Luckily for this little guy, Albert, the Florida Gators’​ mascot, was locked onto the game and sacrificed himself when a foul ball was sailing directly for the child’s head.

Albert took a shot right to his foam dome, putting him down for the count. But, just as quickly as that gator acted, the kid returned the favor for some much needed CPR. It worked. Albert recovered and was well enough to go cheer on the softball team later that day.