Athletes And Ballparks Weigh In On The ‘Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich’ Controversy

Players and even ballparks are tossing in their two cents.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? It’s a question that, though first posed years ago, continues to divide the populace. The debate started again recently when the Louisville, Kentucky, newspaper The Courier-Journal took a hardline stance, going so far as to run a correction for all the “erroneous” instances in which the paper called a hot dog a sandwich.

The question is an especially hot topic in the world of sports, where fans consume plenty of hot dogs. After the Courier-Journal correction, the Arizona Diamondbacks shared the results of an informal poll of players on the stadium’s big screen.

Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson says a hot dog is a sandwich because he’s used sandwich bread to make one. Sure, why not?

Nik Stauskas of the 76ers doesn’t think a hot dog is a sandwich, but he’d also like to know why people keep asking him this weird question.

The Players’ Tribune asked a slew of NFL players — former and current — the question, resulting in a lot of pensive reactions and half-hearted assertions.

Allen Iverson encapsulated the sentiments of those who simply don’t care with this short and sweet response.