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Red Sox Pitcher Left Two Playoff Tickets For Presidential Debate Superstar Ken Bone

He’s the one with the perfect game

Citizens on both sides of the politicial aisle found themselves with little to cheer for at Sunday night’s cutthroat presidential debate. But as the eveningdrew to a close, a mustachioed, cardigan-ed bright spot emerged in the form of undecided voter Ken Bone. Bone asked a question on energy to the candidates, but it was his temperament and appearance, as stark contrast to what viewers had been witnessing, that brought Mr. Bone legions of fans instantly.

Apparently, one such fan was Joe Kelly, a reliever for the Boston Red Sox.

Kelly took to Twitter to speak out in favor of America’s new sweetheart.

Then, in an effort to distinguish himself from the thousands of other Americans paying lip service to Ken Bone, Joe Kelly offered up a litlte something extra.

It’s unclear still if Bone attended, though it seems unlikely given his packed schedule Monday morning with media outlets clamoring to score time with Internet sensation. If we are to presume Bone didn’t attend game 3, perhaps his absence served as the death knell for the Red Sox, who dropped the game 4-3 against Cleveland and, in doing so, lost the series as well.

It might be premature to blame Bone for his abesnce from the game, however. You’d think if Kelly was a little more resolute in seeing that these tickets got into Ken Bone’s hands that he would have actually mentioned his Twitter name, @kenbone18.

Now, Joe Kelly will have the entire offseason to reflect on the extra steps he could have taken to get Ken Bone to cheer on his Red Sox.

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