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The Miami Heat Unveil Their New ‘80s-Inspired Jerseys

They’re a huge hit with fans.

In 2011, when the Florida Marlins rebranded themselves as the Miami Marlins, the baseball squad also took the opportunity to change their uniforms. The new jerseys were designed with a color palette comprised of black, red-orange, blue, yellow, and white. The jerseys were roundly rejected by baseball fans and anyone with a hint of taste. Sports reporters called the look everything from “Hawaiian shaved ice” to “push-up pop” to “Rainbow Brite.”


On Tuesday, Jan. 23, another Miami team, the Heat, unveiled their new City Edition uniforms featuring the colors that put the city on the map in the ‘80s. These uniforms feature a bright, neon colorway straight out of the iconic credits of “Miami Vice” and glow like the signs on a South Beach dance club.


The new jerseys are made with totally tubular colors: laser fuchsia, blue gale, and white. The retro look is a huge departure from the black, red, and white aesthetic the Heat have always rocked. Miami fans should get used to these new duds because they’ll be on the Heat’s backs for their home games through the rest of this season.

According to Nike, the official designer of NBA uniforms and apparel, City Edition jerseys are made to “honor the fans — those who, 41 times a year, take pilgrimage at their local arena, and whose passions help define each respective team’s identity.”

So far, it looks like fans are in love with the Heat’s retro look:


These guys clearly approve.


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