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‘SNL’s Leslie Jones Live-Tweeted MLS Matchups All Weekend When She Realized Soccer Players Are Hot

The only hot take any soccer skeptic really needs to see

On Sunday, the MLS got a big marketing boost from new fan Leslie Jones, who took to Twitter, sharing her enthusiasm the MLS Playoffs. The Ghostbusters and SNL star’s comments weren’t focused on the intricacies of the game, as her observation that soccer is like “basketball with feet” would suggest, but rather her infatuation with the parade of good-looking players she saw on the telecast.

She first took note of the “hot soccer player” phenomenon on Friday with the observation:

Then, just a half-hour later, she’s kicking herself for not having wised up earlier:

She can take solace in the fact that she really made up for lost time. Come Saturday, her Twitter account became hot-soccer-guy central.

Then, on Sunday, she was a full-on fan, watching another game in the hopes of finding her future boyfriend:

She then turned to the Twittersphere for help feeding her newfound soccer addiction even further:

In case you were wondering if she changed her mind on the whole “soccer players are handsome” issue…she did not:

I think the MLS has not only found itself a rabid fan, but in all likelihood, Ms. Jones converted a few of her Twitter followers into fans as well.


Sunday was a quadruple-header in the MLS thanks to the playoffs, so it was an embarrassment of riches for Leslie. It seems like the wall-to-wall soccer started to affect her focus at one point:

She even picked up one of the sport’s most popular chants. She’s a quick study.

While she’s still learning some of the finer points of the game, she’s certainly in good company thinking that headers might not be the safest way to play the game.

In case anyone was unclear on her stance on the sport, she clarified her position, which seems to have quickly evolved from ogling the players to really, really enjoying the sport:

My guess is that it will be a matter of minutes (if it hasn’t happened already) before her one of her local squads, New York Red Bulls or NYCFC, start competing for the allegiance of the new MLS superfan.

Something tells me the PR departments from both teams are working on making that dream come true.

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