Team’s ‘Practice’ For Soccer Goalies Involves Flaming Obstacles, Mud, And Jumping Out Of Trains

The workout looks like it was inspired by a drill sergeant's fever dream.

Argentine football squad Sportivo Dock Sud may be in country’s fourth division, but it’s pretty clear from their practice methods that the team has no intention of staying there. Or, at the very least, their goalkeeper coach has designs on improving the squad.

There’s nothing wrong with a little ambition among members of a team, but this coach takes training to intense and bizarre new frontiers that would look more appropriate in a Tough Mudder or “American Ninja Warrior” course than at a soccer practice.

Flaming fences, train-jumping, and diving headlong into mud are just another day’s work for any keeper who wishes to remain with the club.

A Latin-American sports network recently compiled a clip of the gauntlet through which all Sportivo Dock Sud goalies must pass. It really is something else:

I can’t speak to the efficacy of these methods, but, considering the team doesn’t appear to have an official website, this video is the team’s debut to a global audience, so… that’s something at least.