12 CEOs Who Prove Playing Youth Sports Leads To Greatness

Leaders in the boardroom and on the field have a lot in common

[This week GOOD Sports will be commemorating the 45th anniversary of Title IX.]

Title IX is now 45-years-old. The impact that the law has had on women’s sports is nothing short of tremendous.

It’s no secret that leaders in the boardroom and those on the field have a lot in common. Leading a team to victory through communication, determination, and hard work are all traits of both effective athletes and CEOs.

A recent study highlights this athlete-CEO collection showing more than 50 percent of female executives were once college athletes. According to the Harvard Business Review, the study by the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW “surveyed more than 400 female executives in five countries.” They found that “52 percent” of those top executives played sports at the “college or university level.”

For women’s sports day, GOOD’s highlighting the plethora of high-powered CEOs who owe some of their extraordinary drive, leadership, and stamina to their time competing as an undergraduate at their alma maters. Check out a few of the greats in the slideshow above.