The businesses below are joining with us to close up shop on Tuesday, November 6 and give their employees the opportunity to celebrate civic life and the democratic process.

Let's not squeeze voting into our regular work day. Together, let's Take Back Tuesday.

1.  GOOD

Los Angeles, CA

3. Momentum Strategic Marketing

Montgomery Village, MD

4. State of Unique

Los Angeles, CA

5. Open

New York, NY

9. Hattery

San Francisco, CA

15. The Workshop

New York, NY


New York, NY

26. Neiman

Philadelphia, PA

28. Rock Scissor Paper

San Fernando, CA

30. ForkFly

Portland, OR

34. CMLB

Washington, DC

35. Verve Solutions

Little Rock, AR

36. Farm2Me

New York, NY

37. Kiva

San Francisco, CA

38. Rework

Boulder, CO

42. Cargo

Los Angeles, CA

45. Officina

Brooklyn, NY

47. Karst Inc

North Charleston, SC

49. COUCH Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA

50. Joyfi

Charleston, SC

51. Urban Worm

Berkeley, CA

54. Billeebug

Nashville, TN

55. Neighborland

San Francisco, CA

61. Vianova

San Diego, CA

62. Dreamentia, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

63. Break Away

Atlanta, GA

65. Billeebug LLC

Nashville, TN

66. Taproot Foundation

San Francisco, CA

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