There’s No Rape Culture in the West, According to this Woman.

What do you think?

This video is bound to make lots of people mad. And it made me mad too, mainly because it is pretty stupid. Here we have one uninformed inarticulate doofus interviewing other uninformed inarticulate doofuses -- with the exception of the girl with the turquoise earrings. She knows her stuff.

Now, it’s clear the blonde girl thought she made a really great point when she said, "so they ARE reported," when referring to reporting sexual assaults, and cut away from the conversation. But no. She made no point. A woman calling a crisis hotline for support isn't the same thing as actually filing a report. She says over and over that rapists are reviled, that rapists are punished. But that facts tell a different story: you get more time as a first time drug offender.

Just because we're not living under Sharia law doesn’t mean we shouldn't draw attention to our own culture's issues with rape, racism, homophobia, etc. Just because they're more insidious doesn't mean they're not there. And that's why they're 'merely' insidious and not overt. Because we protest. Because we draw attention to it.

Laura Southern is like one of those people who think racism is in the past because we have a black president.