• A Mormon Walks Into An Organic Grocery Store... This is quite old, but if you missed it, Outside Magazine offer its list of the best places to live in the U.S, which includes excellent points about cities experimenting with sustainability, fixing urban sprawl, etc. The best part is imagining the progressives who seem to be flocking to Salt Lake City..
    A Mormon Walks Into An Organic Grocery Store...
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  • When Environmentalists Attack Grist profiles an interesting case of when environmentalists come face to face with other environmentalists. It gets ugly. In this case, on Cape Cod, where proponents of an enormous wind farm are being opposed by proponents of not ruining the ocean by putting in an enormous wind farm. Check it out here..
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  • The Red (States) And The (Man In) Black
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  • European (And Sort Of Asian) Union
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  • Wiki The debate over Wikipedia is really fascinating, and seems to really be boiling down to an old guard/new guard-type battle. Many people, especially of an older generation, just will not accept that information on the internet could be accurate. Nature seems to come close to proving this wrong by comparing..
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  • Community Voicemail A brilliant idea: Voice mail for all, not tied to a discrete phone line. Not only will this help people post-disaster who are trying to contact...
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