• Please Mr. Postman After dealing with the sheer ineptitude of our nation's postal delivery service, it's nice to see them doing something that doesn't involve...
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  • "The Business Of Green" The good folks at the newspaper of record's business section have brought you an entire section called "The Business of Green," sponsored by Kermit the Frog and the letter P. There are literally three thousand articles about various green business ideas. All of them truly fascinating, rest assured,..
    "The Business Of Green"
  • Continental Divide This is rich: after a meeting between the head of the EPA and the EU about climate change, the EU spokesperson said that it seemed like America was amenable to working on some brilliant new plan to fix climate change after the Kyoto Protocols end in 2012. But, not so fast. The EPA spokesmen trots out..
    Continental Divide
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  • Blast From The Past There is more and more talk of the U.S. returning to a coal-based energy economy, with very little seeming to actually be done about it. Scientific American takes a look at what it would take to make coal our primary energy resource (again). Partly, it would take the seemingly magical Fischer-Tropsch..
  • Greenest Month Recap
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  • When Is Terrorism Not Terrorism? The Seattle-Times has a very interesting article about eco-terrorism. The question people seem to be hung up on is whether it is fair to call those who burn down labs, slaughterhouses and logging camps terrorists, because, unlike Islamic terrorists, they target property instead of people and, of course,..
  • Floaters If the Kennedys are giving your wind farm problems because it blocks their view, here's a thought: make your wind farm float. That's one solution. It seems like they are making everything float these days, to get it away from the good people on shore. We can see a day pretty soon where the entire..
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  • Bill Clinton Feels Your Fat You may have heard last week that soda companies voluntarily removed their wares from schools. But that's just the beginning. Apparently, when Bill Clinton is concerned about something, the world is concerned about something. After his heart surgery, Bill Clinton is concerned about your health, and..
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  • Monday Morning Choose GOOD Update Fun fact: Cinco de Mayo traditionally celebrates the victory of Mexican forces over French expeditionary forces in 1862. Funner fact: we threw a great party last Friday. Special thanks to the Border Film Project and Equator Books for helping to create a memorable night. Here are your facts: Number of..
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  • World AIDS Orphan Day On the seventh of May, some people got together to help mark the day as World AIDS Orphan Day. December 1st is AIDS Day, but May 7th is the day for children orphaned by AIDS (it's also.
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  • We're Having a Cinco de Mayo Party Hey boys and girls, GOOD's celebration Cinco de Mayo is rapidly approaching. And, no, that's not the holiday where you eat five jars of...
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  • Drogas About a week ago, the Mexican congress announced that it had a passed a new law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot, cocaine, and heroin. This would leave the police free to combat larger drug operations, so that, eventually, you wouldn't be able to get drugs, even though they were legal...
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