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California officials calmly shut down Trump's climate change denial during wildfire meeting

Science doesn't lie.

California officials calmly shut down Trump's climate change denial during wildfire meeting

CalFire said on Monday that over 16,000 firefighters have been battling 28 major wildfires in California. Since the beginning of 2020, wildfires have burned over 3.2 million acres of land in the state.

President Trump met with Governor Gavin Newsom and a team of state officials to discuss the wildfires on Monday. During the meeting, Newsom and his team politely, but firmly pressed Trump on the role that climate change has played in the historic blazes.

Trump is a climate change denier and has called it a "Chinese hoax."

Two weeks ago, Los Angeles reached a record high of 121° F. Last month, Death Valley in southeastern California recorded the highest temperature every reliably recorded on Earth, 130° F.

"I think there's an area of at least commonality on vegetation, forest management," Newsom told Trump. "But please respect — and I know you do — the difference of opinion out here as it relates to this fundamental issue on the issue of climate change."

Trump half-hardheartedly attempted to assure Newsom and his team that the rising temperatures would subside. A claim that was backed up with zero scientific fact.

"It'll start getting cooler," Mr. Trump said. "You just watch."

Wade Crowfoot, the secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency, had no problem pushed back on Trump's baseless claim.

"I wish science agreed with you," Crowfoot said.

"I don't think science knows, actually," President Trump responded, incorrectly.

[youtube expand=1] US wildfires: Trump spars with California officials over climate change

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