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Adorable clips show what would happen if cute babies competed in the Olympics

These clips by team Olympics are becoming internet favorites, stealing the hearts of millions.

Adorable clips show what would happen if cute babies competed in the Olympics
Cover Image Source: YouTube| Olympics

 The concept of toddlers competing in sports might seem unusual, but it's also irresistibly charming. A series of videos from the official Olympics YouTube channel has captivated the internet, showcasing adorable toddlers competing for gold in various sports and crawling their way to victory.


The first footage was posted by the Olympics in 2017, and it has attracted over 98 million views so far. It features toddlers from different countries competing in sports like weightlifting, “artistic gymnastics,” “rings,” “3 hurdle toddle,” and the "10-meter toddle," accompanied by cheers from the crowd and hysterical commentary running in the background. “If cute babies competed in the Olympic Games,” the video's caption read.


The commentator makes the event even more hilarious for the viewers by throwing punch lines suitable for real games, such as “the struggles, the intensity, oh the triumphs,” “pressure has never been higher,” “what an effort,” “just look at that concentration,” and “nailed it!” From the sidelines, the audience explodes into thunders of claps, encouraging toddlers with bottles of milk, toys, and jangling keys. “Only a few special babies can take home the gold at this Baby Games,” the video caption read.

Image Source: YouTube | @xavierpng
Image Source: YouTube | @xavierpng

In a subsequent video posted in 2018, the Baby Olympics had a “Winter Games” twist. The video went viral with nearly 45 million views and over four thousand comments. Like the Summer Olympics, this clip also features moments of adorable “heartbreak and triumph.”

Image Source: YouTube | @no.5179
Image Source: YouTube | @no.5179

The tiny participants showcase athletic brilliance and sportsmanship. “What a shot! Can’t believe him,” the commentator exclaims. The babies compete in events like curling, alpine skiing, two-toddler bobsleigh, and figure skating. A little girl in a glittery overcoat performs incredible skating moves. The crowd cheers and snaps photos while three toddler judges preside over the panel.

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The video was also shared on Instagram, X, and Facebook, creating a buzz everywhere on social media. “This is hilarious!” @patricia.marold9 commented on the video. @austinangela added, “I would be inclined to watch more events if it were babies competing.”

Image Source: Facebook | Evie Loukopoulou
Image Source: Facebook | @EvieLoukopoulou

But this idea of cutesy babies competing in the Olympics is not entirely fiction. As it turns out, there is a “Baby Olympics” competition in the real world. According to Top End Sports, it was first organized by the Bahrain Olympic Committee in 2018 and has been repeating since then, except during the pandemic years.


The first Bahrain Baby Games' competitors were between two and five years old and competed in five different sports, including athletics, gymnastics, football, and basketball. There were also crawling contests and walker competitions. The first Baby Games included about 1,200 kids from 66 nurseries and kindergartens.


“Baby Olympics” was created to inspire kids to get into sports. It may as well have been inspired by these viral videos posted by the Olympics channel. These videos, above all else, demonstrate that despite having little hands, tiny toes, and wobbly steps, these tiny little humans can have big dreams and conquer them as well.

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