These Condoms Are Changing The Way Women Talk About Sex These Condoms Are Changing The Way Women Talk About Sex

These Condoms Are Changing The Way Women Talk About Sex

by Tiffany Gaines

March 10, 2014

Firstly, I developed a program so that women could become “Lovability Ladies” and essentially take on a brand advocate and merchandiser role. These women have the opportunity to sell Lovability Condoms in their local community and spread the celebratory message that practicing safe sex is one of the most powerful forms of self-love. We’ve also given sororities and nonprofits the opportunity to do this on a larger-scale and donate the profits to philanthropies. 

To complement the condom brand and Lovability Lady program, I launched the, which serves as a social hub for all women to express and practice holistic self-love. We are highlighting women who practice self-love in all ways, as well as promoting and celebrating women who openly share the way that safe sex practices have helped them lead a healthy life. Through the website, we also amplify the voices of Lovability Lady merchandisers who share their personal experiences as they spread the Lovability Condoms mission and message. This way, women who are indirectly involved can celebrate, support and interact with the women who are taking a very pro-active role in de-stigmatizing this product.

Since the day I introduced my summer’s work in DSI’s auditorium, Lovability has transformed into so much more than a condom brand. This is because in SVA’s Design For Social Innovation program, we are taught to continually listen for insights. Social issues and user needs are constantly evolving, and our job is to be attuned to those changes and design solutions accordingly.

Now, Lovability is a community open to all women who understand the value of safe sex practices and want to encourage others to do the same. Together, we will co-create whatever else is needed to bring safe sex into a positive context and empower all women to take responsibility for their sexual health. 

Join the movement at to get involved.

Learn more about Lovability Condoms and The Lovability Lady program at

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These Condoms Are Changing The Way Women Talk About Sex