Video: Climate Scientists As Hardcore Rappers

Watch as Australian climate scientists rap—and swear a lot—about their work. It's pretty funny, we swear.

First we had the Los Angeles teachers, now you can add climate scientists to the list of unlikely rappers. Like most people, I'm generally pretty embarrassed by nerdy white folks rapping. So when I saw "Climate Scientists Rapping" come through my Twitter feed, I was nervous. So while I won't go so far as to endorse their lyricism, it's pretty funny to watch scientists rap—and swear.

And, honestly, who could resist this lyric?

Conservative talk radio host: “The Greenhouse effect is just a theory.. sucker”
Climate scientists: “Yeah, so is gravity. Float away MuthaF****”



Apparently, it's going to air on an Australian comedy show called Hungry Beast later this week. Hat tip to Graham Readfearn, one of Australia's best environmental journalists.