Damon Winter Uses His iPhone to Photograph Afghanistan

The equipment matters far less than the subject-and the skill of the photographer, as Damon Winter proves in his new series for the Lens.

The New York Times Lens blog just featured the work of the photographer Damon Winter, who used his iPhone to document a few days in the life of the First Battalion, 87th Infantry of the 10th Mountain Division in northern Afghanistan.

As the Times's James Estrin notes, the subjects and the images themselves are far more important than the equipment used to capture them. However, when the equipment in question is a camera phone, it's worth mentioning. Winter says soldiers seemed more comfortable when he shot them with his iPhone than with a regular camera; that they often use their phones to photograph each other might account for that relaxed feeling.

Equipment aside, the end results, as you can see from this slideshow, are elegant and inspired.