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Education: Morning Roundup, What's Next for the DREAM ACT?

Where the DREAM Act goes from here; Michelle Rhee meets the new mayor; and the sorry state of U.S. science education

Morning Roundup:

From Education Week: DREAM Act Stalls in Senate, but Backers Aren't Giving Up

Karina Ortiz watched from home Tuesday as the Senate made a move that could stand in the way of her dreams and the dreams of other illegal immigrant students like her. The 19-year-old Cal Poly Pomona philosophy major witnessed Republicans block passage of the DREAM Act, which would give thousands of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship under certain conditions.

Presumptive Mayor-elect Vincent C. Gray held a long-awaited summit with Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee on Thursday but said that his 90 minutes with the outspoken schools leader, who actively campaigned against him in a rancorous Democratic primary, hewed strictly to education issues and did not address her future in the job.
The number of New York City elementary and middle school students who failed to move on to the next grade skyrocketed this school year, as weak students faced a higher bar on state tests and the broadening of the city’s tough promotion policy.
Stagnant scientific education imperils U.S. economic leadership, says a report by leading business and science figures. Released Thursday at a congressional briefing attended by senators and Congress members of both parties, the report updates a 2005 science education report that led to moves to double federal research funding.
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