Good Global Warming News for People Who Love Bad News

Good news: Global warming means fewer hurricanes in the Atlantic. Bad news: that likely means more offshore drilling.

Add another mark to the relatively short list of climate change positives: fewer hurricanes in the arctic. But wait, this actually isn't really a good thing. From the Guardian:

The results of his study may provide encouragement to oil and gas companies that currently consider drilling in the northern north Atlantic very risky, he says. "As the likelihood of hurricanes destroying oil rigs declines, drilling in the region may become a more attractive option."

And as drilling becomes a more attractive option, nations with claims to the arctic seabeds are gearing up to stake and defend those claims. See this week's meetings between Russia and Canada over the disputed Lomonosov Ridge.

Photo credit: The author, from a perilous Cape Farewell expedition in 2007. And though it might not have been an actual hurricane, it sure felt like one.