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How to Be a Weekday Vegetarian

The costs of his meat consumption weighed heavily on the heart and mind of Treehugger founder Graham Hill. He recognized the health risks, the cruelty to animals inherent in the factory farm system, and the fact that the greenhouse-gas emissions from beef production outweigh those from all forms of transportation combined.

Uncertain if he had the wherewithal to go exclusively vegetarian and unsatisfied with what he saw as a "binary solution" of meat eater or vegetarian, Hill carved out a less binding solution for himself. The "weekday veg" plan, as the name would suggest, calls for vegetarianism on the weekdays and an anything-goes-including-meat diet on the weekends.

Treehugger has Hill's 3-minute TED 2010 talk on the topic, as well as tips on taking Meatless Mondays up a notch:
Once you master [Meatless Mondays], carry it through the rest of the working week and just have your chicken or sustainably caught salmon on the weekends. Soon, you probably won't even miss meaty meals. If we all give it a shot, we'll be back to enjoying meat as a side dish treat, improving our own health and the health of the planet.
By cutting out meat five days out of seven, reducing his meat consumption by 70 percent, Hill says he's feeling better physically, saving money, and treating the environment better. Do you have any steps towards a more veggie-friendly diet like this? Have you tried Meatless Mondays, and have they proven a little more manageable for you?

Photo (cc) by Flickr user karimian\n

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