Infographic: Proposed House Cuts Are Tiny Slice of the Budget Pie

Think Republicans want to cut a lot of spending? Think again. Just look how tiny that speck of savings is compared to the whole federal budget.

The White House released their own box chart infographic to explain where they want to spend the whopping $3.7 trillion in President Obama's proposed budget. But here's another, slightly more focused, and certainly more pointed, infographic from Elefint Designs. This one is focused on what is needed to balance our gargantuan national check book.

Nothing like a pie chart to hammer home the need for fiscal discipline. The thesis of this graphic goes like this: the proposed cuts that Congress is currently fighting over tooth and nail will only begin to scratch the surface of our true need for budget reform. Something big has to change. As the infographic says, "hard choices lie ahead, and they only get harder the longer we ignore them."

So, what else would you cut? Or go without? Maybe you'd rather raise taxes? On whom? Or how about just sitting tight and waiting, hoping for a disruptive technological change to whisk away all our worry? How does that sound?

You'll want to zoom in for the finer points. Here's the full size graphic, with links to sources and other infographics by Elefint Designs.