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New Windows Phone 7 Ads Spoof Smart Phone Addicts New Windows Phone 7 Ads Spoof Smart Phone Addicts

New Windows Phone 7 Ads Spoof Smart Phone Addicts

by Alex Goldmark

October 13, 2010

Traditionally, smart phone users haven't wanted to use Windows mobile phones very much. Now Microsoft is trying to spin that urge to resist into a selling point. Its new ads for Windows Phone 7 are a satirical critique of a culture addicted to smart phones, and they're pretty effective.

Microsoft needs something unique to draw in customers. Its last mobile operating system, Kin, was launched in May, then shut down just a couple of months later for lack of popularity. So this is a calculated reset.

The first phones with the Windows Phone 7 operating system will hit stores on November 8. It is an uphill battle to steal market share from the iPhone and the fast-growing set of phones running Android from Google. Both of those systems are applications-based—you have to open apps in order to get the information from them, be it weather, email text or drink tips.

So Microsoft is pushing its unique selling point of an integrated operating system with "tiles" that they say will give you that kind of information at a glance, and thus, let you get back to living your life, not, as the ad has it, falling down stairs, ignoring your lingerie-clad lover and sitting on strangers because of the little screen glued to your hand.


UPDATED: Watch another of the ads here.

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New Windows Phone 7 Ads Spoof Smart Phone Addicts