The Money is in Manhattan, Kansas

Government data show incomes are up in America, but not everywhere. A tale of two Manhattans (Kansas and New York) explains the uneven rebound.

Incomes are up. According to the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis per capita income has risen 4.8 percent over 2009, but not evenly. What's interesting is where the jumps happened. In particular, a tale of two Manhattans emerges, according to Business Week.

Over the past year some smaller areas that rely on government and military for employment, such as Jacksonville, North Carolina and Manhattan, Kansas, have experienced per capita income increases, while more affluent regions, such as the area that covers Manhattan, New York, watched per capita income drop 4.6 percent, to $52,375, over the same period.

Image: A Kansas Farm Near Manhattan (CC) by Flickr user BlackburnPhoto

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