The Self-Repair Manifesto

The Self-Repair Manifesto, by iFixit, advocates fixing rather than replacing products; it also empowers consumers by turning them into contributors.

The folks behind iFixit have drafted a Self-Repair Manifesto that instills in consumers a sense of DIY zeal—not only to empower us but also to create less collective waste. To spread the word, they're giving away 1,500 free manifesto posters. Here's a look at the manifesto:

I also love the sentiment that "repair transforms consumers into contributors," and that the project puts a premium on engaging with the things we own.

Boing Boing notes that "iFixit has a vested interest in the campaign worth noting: the company sells parts and upgrades, mostly for Apple equipment." But that doesn't mean the message is any less awesome. Repair (and reuse) is always better than recycling.

It does seem rather similar to Platform 21's Repair Manifesto, no?