Video: Cook Thanksgiving Like a Geek

Whether you're engineering Tofurkey or just trying to cook a turkey correctly, there's a lot you can do with simple kitchen technology.

What's a geek to do with a household of Thanksgiving guests? Well, first of all, you want to plan in advance. Recently, Jeff Potter, author of Cooking for Geeks, and's Roxanne Webber spoke to CNET about techniques for techies.

The two explain basic science, like why it's so difficult to roast an entire turkey (dark and light meats have different levels of collagens). They suggest packing the breast meat with ice before roasting. Or separating the legs and cooking them confit-style. So whether it's deboning a raw turkey to make a rolled "turketta" or reengineering Tofurkey so that it doesn't look like a bouncy rubber ball, the video is worth taking a look even if you're not a food nerd: