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Watch a Video of GOOD LA's Launch Weekend Watch a Video of GOOD LA's Launch Weekend

Watch a Video of GOOD LA's Launch Weekend

by Alissa Walker

May 12, 2011

Back in April, we threw a big, three-day event to celebrate two milestones: The publication of the Los Angeles issue of our quarterly magazine, and the launch of our new local community, GOOD LA. On the first night, our design event Steal This Idea included eight designers presenting solutions to Los Angeles problems as proposed by eight urban leaders. The next day, our Pop-Up Community Center threw open its doors to over one hundred partners and vendors from throughout the city, who held workshops, led tours, and gave presentations on how they're moving L.A. forward. You can follow all our event partners on Twitter here.

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Editor: Julia Panayiotou; Camera: Alex Gorosh and Dylan Boye; Music: "Chattering Teeth," courtesy of 615 Music

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Watch a Video of GOOD LA's Launch Weekend