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Why We Want to Fund Your Creative Dreams

Why Holstee is setting aside $1,000 every month to jump start a new dream project.

Holstee, a lifestyle design company, started as just a simple passion project. It was a gut feeling that four years later turned into one of the most fulfilling 'risks' I've ever taken.

Together with my co-founders Fabian and Dave, we took a chance that in many ways defied conventional logic. It was 2009, and the economy was entering deep recession mode; entire departments were being laid off, and institutional companies were faltering. To many, it may have seemed like an odd time to start a new project. Still, we were driven by a hunch, fueled 100 percent by our passion for creating the type of company we always wanted to see but never found. For us that was a company that was genuinely as—or more—concerned with its impact than with revenue. Since then, we've made it pretty clear how much we value the importance of listening to your instincts, and living a mindful life. It's the core foundation in our Manifesto (below) and continues to define the culture of Holstee and the decisions we make everyday.

Now we're taking it one step further with the launch of the The Holstee Fellowship. We're setting aside $1,000 every month to jump start a new dream project. We warmly welcome members of the GOOD community to submit individual dream projects—whether in the form of a new community initiative, an art project, or new business—all dreams are welcome.

Michael Radparvar is the co-founder and "mad scientist responsible for letting the world know about Holstee."

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