The Girl Scouts Reveal Two New Cookies For 2017

They’re celebrating their 100th year selling cookies.

via Twitter

There are three topics of conversation that can get just about anyone heated: politics, religion, and which girl scout cookie is best. Well the great cookie debate just got a little bit tougher because in honor of their 100th anniversary, the Girl Scouts have introduced two new s’mores cookies. One is a crunchy graham cookie and the other a crispy graham sandwich.

The Girl Scouts’ decision to finally bake a s’more cookie is fitting because the organization claims to have invented the campfire treat back in 1927. For the uninitiated, a s’more is a graham cracker sandwich with a toasted marshmallow and chunk of chocolate bar smooshed inside. The Girl Scouts first started selling cookies back in 1917 when a troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma thought they’d be a great way to fund their community projects. Since then, Girl Scout cookie season has become a time-honored American tradition right up there with baseball and apple pie.