Guy Jumps Into Tub Full Of 1,250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce

‘It’s in my butt!’

It seems like CemreCandar will do almost anything for attention. So long as it involves pouring huge amounts of random substances in a bathtub and documenting the results on his YouTube channel. But he outdid himself in his latest video by pouring 1,250 bottles of hot sauce into a tub and then dunking himself inside with disastrous results.

One thing the YouTube star apparently didn’t count on was how the scorching, spicy hot sauce would seep into his skin. That because apparent when just moments after dipping himself into the hot tub, he screamed out, “It’s in my butt!”

Candar has racked up millions of views with his other videos, such as when he poured more than 500 pounds of liquid chocolate into the same tub, marinating in 1,500 liquified Oreos and dunking himself in 600 pounds of beer. But this may be his biggest hit yet, with nearly four million people on YouTube alone having already watched the clip. It’s also sweet validation for people who aren’t huge fans of his over-the-top approach. Though for anyone who thinks it was a total waste of time, Candar says the bottles of hot sauce were all about to expire, “so no money and hot sauce were wasted in this video.”