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McDonald’s Employees Used This Brilliantly Simple Tactic To Help The Cops Catch The Facebook Killer

The ploy was believable, which made it very effective

Employees at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s are being praised today after helping the police in their effort to stop alleged killer Steve Stephens. Branded “ The Facebook Killer” after he reportedly broadcast a video of himself murdering a stranger, Stephens’ run was hampered after he ducked into an Erie, Pennsylvania, McDonalds to order a 20-piece nugget meal and large fries. The restaurant workers immediately recognized him from photos posted online, but were in no hurry to confront a man who had been deemed armed and dangerous by police. A cashier alerted the store manager, and the employees quickly concocted a plan on the fly to slow his progress.

They gave the man his nuggets, but told him his fries would take a few minutes as a new batch was being prepared. A worker clandestinely called the police, but Stephens, in a hurry, left the restaurant without his fries. Though he would be gone when the police arrived, the delay was crucial in allowing the police enough time to catch him.

The pursuit ended when Stephens took his own life in his car during the pursuit.

While the end may have been a bloody one, the fact that it happened sooner rather than later ensured that no other lives were lost in the pursuit of Stephens.

The man’s victim was Robert Godwin Sr., a 74-year-old mechanic, father of 10 and grandfather of 14, who was taking a walk down the street when he was killed.

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