CEO Compensation Contest Winner CEO Compensation Contest Winner
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CEO Compensation Contest Winner

October 4, 2009
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We're proud to announce the winner of our CEO Compensation Infographic Contest:Dee Adams's piece "The Top 8 of CEO Compensation" does an excellent job of illustrating the massive salaries of CEOs and relating them to regular employees in a clean and simple manner. It's our winner, and Adams will take home our prize package, including a GOOD T-shirt, a free subscription, and $250. You'll be able to see her infographic in print in our next issue as well. You can view a large version of it here.While we have no prizes to give to our runners up (both pictured below), we'd like to give special notice to Amanda Buck's "Excessive Executive Compensation," which uses amusing devices of luxury products to represent CEO salaries, and to Thomas Edwards's ridiculously comprehensive "CEO Compensation," which manages to pack a wealth of information about CEO salaries and the economy together into a fascinating package.We'd like to thank to everyone who participated. These pieces are all exceptional, and it was nearly impossible to make a final decision. Everyone should take a look at all the entries here.Look out for new GOOD contests and projects soon.



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CEO Compensation Contest Winner