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An Airline Has Implemented A Creative Solution To Its Manspreading Problem

A new program serves to ensure the safety and comfort of female passengers.

Manspreading may be a problem commonly documented by urban commuters, but the problem is just as real — and even more taxing — on those taking long-haul flights. Vistara Airlines in India has been quick to identify the issues that female flyers can face, manspreading among them, and has launched the optional Vistara Women Flyer Program to address their needs during transit.

In order to keep the manspreading problem to a minimum, a female passenger can opt into the program at the time of booking. If she hasn’t selected a specific seat assignment, she would be given a window or aisle seat on the flight.

Further, the program will assist women flying alone in finding ground transportation and claiming their luggage, offering staff to accompany or guide them while completing both tasks.

Vistara senior vice president Deepa Chadha offered in a corporate statement, "The heights that women around the world have scaled needs no validation. Women are a major force that makes economies stronger and societies healthier."

The program may be viewed by men as either patronizing or pandering, and it’s hard to deny that this is “special treatment” plain and simple, but the underlying purpose of this program isn’t just comfort but safety.

Attacks and sexual harassment have reached epidemic levels in India, and this program, though marketed under the guise of comfort and convenience, serves to ensure that single female passengers can fly knowing that the airline is taking their well-being into account.

At the very least, who’s going to say no to avoiding the dreaded middle seat?

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