We Asked You to Walk, Bike, or Run for Charity. 4,000 of You Did It.

You ran, walked, and biked 31,280 miles last week—all while Sambazon supported the charities you love. #100StartsWith1

Charity Miles, a free app for iPhone and Android, motivates its members to get off their butts by helping them earn corporate sponsorships whenever they exercise. Running and walking earn charities 25 cents per mile; biking gets them a dime.

And last week, Gene Gurkoff—the founder of Charity Miles—challenged you to get fit while supporting a cause you care about. More than 4,000 of you traveled 31,280 miles—all while Sambazon supported the charities you love. Check out a few of those sponsored miles in action by clicking through this slideshow.

If you haven’t found a cause that deserves to cash in on your fitness routine, here are a few tips from Gene about how to do that. (Once you do, tell us how many miles you’ve traveled and which causes you care about with the hashtag #100StartsWith1.)