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Here’s What Happens When We Ask You to “Take Back the Mirror”

by Zara DeGroot

June 15, 2015
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Last week, together with Sambazon and I AM THAT GIRL, we challenged you to get vulnerable and take a selfie, write yourself a love note, then post it online. Emily Greener—I AM THAT GIRL co-founder—calls this “taking back the mirror.”

To facilitate the self-love live and in-person, we installed a large mirror in the middle of Santa Monica Place, an open-air mall in Los Angeles, then encouraged passersby to write positive and empowering notes to themselves on the mirror using lipstick. We also invited those outside the area to join the campaign online.

The results were incredible. Click through the slideshow to see how taking back the mirror can make the world a more positive place for everyone. If you’re feeling empowered, don’t forget to take the “I am that girl” or “I am that guy” pledge, or post a selfie of your own using the hashtags #100StartsWith1 and #MirrorLove.

We’re teaming up with our friends at Sambazon for 100 days of little ways to change our world. Follow along for the next 100 days of action (and giveaways) on Instagram @Sambazon and at And don’t forget to tell us @GOOD about how you’re changing your world with the hashtag #100Startswith1.

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Here’s What Happens When We Ask You to “Take Back the Mirror”