Andrew Hou’s Art Shows the Simple Power of Love

Feel the love.

Relationships can get unnecessarily complicated. When people first fall in love, it’s always about enjoying simple things together—long walks, phone conversations, seeing a movie. As relationships grow, family, children, bills, and major life decisions are thrown into the mix and it becomes easy to forget about those simple moments you once shared. Relationships get so complicated that they’re often crushed beneath their own weight.

Andrew Hou’s artwork does a great job of reminding us how powerful simple moments are within relationships. His new comic series, HJ-Story, follows his relationship with his wife and the simple things they share together. “We’re all so busy and caught up in everything that we forget about the little moments that are important—myself included,” he told Bored Panda. “Drawing HJ-Story for me is not only to capture the moments of a relationship, but to remind me of the little moments that are easily forgotten.”

You can follow the ongoing adventures of H and J on Facebook and their official website.