Watch World Heavyweight Boxing Champ Delightfully Teach Rachel Weisz How To Punch

Then they test their strength on an arcade game

At the end of April, a fresh young star emerged in the world of heavyweight boxing, when Englishman Anthony Joshua became the undisputed champion. Now, the charming 27-year-old is making the talk show rounds, making a stop at the BBC’s Graham Norton Show over the weekend. While there, Norton had a little surprise for the champ and the other guests on the panel.

Norton brought out an arcade game that could measure punching power to see how strong the 6-foot-6-inch, 250 pound man really is. But before Joshua would get to show off the weight of his fists, Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, actor Martin Freeman (of The Hobbit and the U.K. version of The Office), and comedian Greg Davies would each get their chance to measure their power. Weisz took her task very seriously, taking off her heels to get better balance and carefully listening to instruction from Joshua on the proper technique to land a hard punch.

In the segment, you’ll get to watch as each person lines up their punch and unleashes their best effort. But then it’​s pretty incredible to see Joshua stroll up to the bag and casually land a punch that blows all of theirs away. It’s another one of those examples where you get to see how physically superior elite athletes are in comparison to the rest of us.