Random Act Of Sport: Mountain Bikers Outrun One Very Fast Bear

The rider was completely unaware the animal was behind him

It’s important to stay motivated when you’re exercising. A pair of mountain bikers got a high-stakes motivation after a bear attempted to chase them down.

The terrifying and surreal encounter, shown below, was captured via the helmet cam of the trailing rider, Dusan Vinzik, as he and his riding partner navigated a path on a stretch of forest in Slovakia.

The lead rider, oblivious to the pursing bear, was able to distance himself from the creature. According to, “lean” black bears are capable of reaching speeds of 30 MPH. This bear didn’t appear to be particularly lean, so let’s cap it at 25 MPH. That’s likely around the same pace a trail-riding cyclist would maintain were they unaware that a carnivorous beast was pursuing them, so had the bear continued to give chase, this would have been a very interesting race.