Random Act Of Sport: Small Horse Invades Cycling Race, Keeps Pace Just Fine

A horse can dream.

A horse is not a bike, and it never will be, barring some sort of bizarre genetic phenomenon. But that doesn’t mean a horse can’t dream.

Recently, at the Tour of Poland, for more than 60 glorious seconds, a small horse ran side-by-side with the riders mid-race, about 60 miles from the finish line of the sixth stage. The tiny horse held its own, for the most part. At one point, mid-clip, a perilous left bend on the road caused the horse to lose traction. But being the consummate professional, this horse was able to quickly regroup and carry on.

The remaining stretch proved too much for the animal, and it failed to complete the course, denying the sublime pleasure of seeing “HORSE Nameless” listed among the finishers.