Normally, the most frustrating thing about getting stuck as a passenger — whether of an airplane, train, or car — is that the problem usually lies outside of one’s control.

However, when a bus was stuck on a snowy hill in Leiden, a city in the Netherlands, its passengers worked together to find a solution. Unable to gain traction atop a patch of ice and snow, the bus idly spun its wheels as the passengers quickly realized this may be the end of the line.

But the dozen or so riders were quick to take matters into their own hands, leaving their belongings aboard as they surveyed the situation from outside. In what many would consider a fool’s errand, the riders pushed the back of the bus as the driver hit the gas and … the bus quickly gained traction and moved forward.

The footage demonstrating the commuters’ teamwork went viral, inspiring other viewers to share their own accounts of passengers refusing to sit idly by as their own buses were mired in wintry conditions.

Of course, leave it to the Russians to show how resourceful citizens can be during inclement weather, banding together to push not a bus, but an entire airliner.

It may not be a contest, but if it were… Russia wins this one.