As popular as Cam Newton is with NFL fans at large, his flamboyant style and outreach efforts have earned him the adoration of more young fans than perhaps any other player in the league. After all, many players may appear on kids shows, but Newton actually had his own show, “All in with Cam Newton,” on Nickelodeon.

So when the Carolina Panthers QB walks by, he is treated to a reception like few others in sports.

Fortunately, he’s not taking his fan base for granted, returning the love to those who look up to him. One youngster looking on through a fence while Newton practiced got more than just a look at the star — he got a fist bump. And to say he was excited would be a gross understatement.

When was the last time you were so excited you actually jumped up and down with glee? You might not be able to remember, but something tells me this kid is going to have his Cam Newton encounter committed to memory for quite some time.

It’s really amazing what such a simple act can do for a kid, isn’t it?