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Young football fan has the best reaction to getting his jersey signed by his hero Daniel Carlson

Las Vegas Raiders player Daniel Carlson, who was passing by, decided to sign this boy's jersey, making it the most memorable day of his life.

Young football fan has the best reaction to getting his jersey signed by his hero Daniel Carlson
Cover Image Source: YouTube screenshot | GMA

Some incidents in life are precious and they stay that way throughout your life, no matter how many years pass. A boy got to make a core memory at a football stadium as he gets his jersey signed. A player passing by heard his screams "Can you sign my jersey?" and decided to do it. There couldn't have been a happier coincidence. The little gesture from the player would stay with the boy for life and all it took was a simple sign. The boy called Dawson had the cutest reaction when Las Vegas Raiders player Daniel Carlson signed his jersey and the internet totally loves it. The YouTube short posted by Good Morning America has over 4 million views and people in the comment section have nothing but words of appreciation for Carlson's thoughtful gesture.

Image Source: YouTube | GMA
Image Source: YouTube | GMA

As Carlson was passing close to the stands, Dawson screamed and after hearing him, he came running towards the little kid. The boy couldn't believe what was happening and started taking off his jersey in a hurry while his dad gave the player a pen to sign. The player asked the boy's name and said that it was nice to meet him. The boy told him that he was a huge fan, to which the player replied that he appreciated it. The boy eventually thanked Carlson and the player went away. The boy kept saying "no way" and that he couldn't believe what just happened. He said that it was the best day of his life. It would indeed be the best day of any football fan's life to get noticed like that.

Image Source: YouTube | GMA
Image Source: YouTube | GMA

In the next few clips, the boy was seen screaming and cheering for the team at full force and shouting, "Let's go defense." When you'd think that the video couldn't get any cuter, there were photos of the little boy with his dad in matching jerseys. The day would be a truly memorable one for all his life. People also mentioned in the comments that the man was a great dad to his son and helped him make the best memories possible. People in general were really happy to witness the young fan's moment.


One YouTube user, @Hannodb1961, wrote, "It takes so little to make a kid's day. It's so precious. Edit: This might be a big thing for the fan, but I'm talking from the perspective of the player. Signing a jersey is really no big deal for him." Another user, @MyJc1967, wrote, "To see this young boy in so much joy. This player deserves to be praised for his actions right here. This is what the players need to do more to make sure kids are being blessed. If he grows up playing football he will remember this and he will bless another kid in that same way. Praise God for the wonderful blessing." @seanm3189 pointed out, "Carlson signed the kid's Adams jersey and never broke his smile. Legend." @KOSPhemBoy shared his own experience and wrote, "That young man will never forget that. A player did that for me when I was little and I always keep him in my prayers for his kindness and compassion." It was indeed a great moment to witness.

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