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This 5-Year-Old Soccer Fan Called A Pro Team To Apologize For Missing A Game

He also wanted to explain his absence to the manager and captain in case “they were looking for him.”

Louis Kayes may be young, but his enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to his favorite soccer club, Celtic. This year, Louis had season tickets for all the home games, but was unable to make last weekend’s game against Motherwell because he had a prior obligation to attend his friend’s birthday party.

Now, bear in mind that Celtic happened to win this game 2-0 in spite of young Louis’s absence from the stands, but the guilt the five-year-old was feeling was just too much.

Without telling his mom, Louis used her phone to call the soccer club’s front office to both apologize AND explain his absence, in the event that the soccer team had noticed him missing and gone looking for him. He was looking to speak to both the club’s manager, Brendan Rodgers and the team’s captain, Scott Brown (who happens to be Louis’s favorite player).

You have to admire the responsibility he shows at such a young age.

His mom, Lisa Kayes, said he was suffering from a “bit of a guilt trip” and recounted the call to the BBC:

“He was in the living room with my phone and then I heard the voicemail message from Celtic Park saying ‘thank you for calling’. He wanted to let both of them know he’d missed it in case they were looking for him.”

Naturally, some Celtic fans are giving him a hard time (good-naturedly, of course) on Twitter, because he’ll have to lear to prioritize a little bit better to achieve superfandom:

In case there was any doubt, Louis’s mom assured the public and the club that the youngster won’t be missing any more games this season. I’m sure Celtic will be relieved to have such a dedicated fan cheering for their side the rest of the season.

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