A Free Diver Makes A Beautifully Haunting Video While Swimming Under A Frozen Lake

No oxygen...near freezing temperatures...trapped under a sheet of ice. What could go wrong?

I'm not sure exactly what type of constitution or physical training is required to dive without oxygen under a frozen lake, but whatever it takes, Mathieu Villegas has it. The Montreal resident took a plunge under Morrison quarry in Quebec while considerate (and crazy) enough to film his exploit using a GoPro camera.

The eerily beautiful results speak for themselves, but for good measure, GoPro went ahead and called him out as an official selection for a GoPro Award for creating one of the most inspired videos using their cameras.

Here’s the incredibly peaceful, yet nerve-wracking, video:

It’s remarkable just how much lies in the shallow waters of his dive, as well as how serene the whole environment looks as he darts around, sans oxygen, hoping to surface sooner rather than later.

It looks like he's getting far more attention than he ever sought when he shared the video, too.

You can see more of Mathieu’s stunts as well as his continuing reaction to viral fame on his Facebook page, available here.