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New Footage Reveals More About The Eagles Fan Who Ran Into A Pole

“I’m not throwing bottles or punching horses. It was just running into a pole.”

While the Philadelphia Eagles made history by winning the NFC Championship game on Jan. 21, their fans made headlines for their spectacularly unsavory behavior in the stands. Visiting Minnesota Vikings fans who were able to survive the crowd complained of “random acts of violence” and having their team gear stolen and urinated on in the bathrooms. One Eagles fan, 19-year-old Andrew Tornetta, was arrested for punching a police horse in the face.


Amidst all of the negative coverage of Eagles fans, one video of an overly-exuberant supporter injuring himself in subway station became a monster viral hit.

Now, video has emerged from the platform side of the tracks that shows the fan was doing his best to get people pumped up for the game.

The Associated Press was able to identify the overly-excited, and now bruised, Eagles fan (and season ticket holder) as Jigar Desai from the Philadelphia suburbs. The 42-year-old had a few drinks before the game and was headed to field when the incident occurred.

“Yeah, I hit the pole, but the passion is there,” Desai said. “It reflects the passion of the entire city. We are good fans. Yeah, there are a couple of bad apples in the mix, in any city you’re going to find that, but I think as a whole we have supported this team for years and years and years. I think this city is ready to bring home the hardware.”

Desai is happy to be an example of the Eagles’ passionate fan base at a time when the hooligans are getting all the press. “I’m not throwing bottles or punching horses,” Desai said. “It was just running into a pole.” The next day, Desai fely a little sore, but still made it to his job at a pharmaceutical company.

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