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Watch as over 45,000 stuffed animals are thrown onto the ice in a record-breaking 'Teddy Toss'

"It's raining Teddy Bears in Chocolate Town!"

Watch as over 45,000 stuffed animals are thrown onto the ice in a record-breaking 'Teddy Toss'
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The Hershey Bears set a world Teddy Toss record on Sunday night when fans threw 45,650 stuffed bears onto the ice at Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Fans were instructed to toss their Teddies after the home team scored its first goal. It happened eight minutes into the game when Christian Djoos scored against the Hartford Wolf Pack.

The Hershey Bears play in the American Hockey League, a developmental league for the NHL.

Once the buzzer sounded "Song 2" by Blur woo-hoo'd its way through the PA system and the bears came a-flyin'.

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"It's raining teddy Bears in Chocolate Town!" the announcer screamed. Bears in the upper deck flew down to the lower decks and were then thrown onto the ice.

The fluffy downpour was so intense the game was delayed for 40 minutes to clean it all up. The players didn't seem to mind, they jumped into the mountains of Teddies like kids in a ball pit.

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The great news is that it was all for a good cause.

The Bears will donate tens of thousands of Teddies to over 40 local charities including schools, food banks, churches, lions clubs, as well as the Milton Hershey School, Children's Miracle Network, and the American Cancer Society.

One very generous season ticket holder, Jeff Sweigart, pledged to donate $1 per item collected to Children's Miracle Network.

This year's Teddy Toss broke the previous world record of 34,798 set last year by the Bears.

Teddy Tosses have become popular in hockey leagues across the world over the past few years, although they don't happen in the NHL which discourages anything thrown on the ice.

The Bears would go on to beat the Wolf Pack in overtime 4 - 3.

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