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Celebrated Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews Just Revealed She Was Battling Cancer During The 2016 NFL Season

She quietly endured two surgeries while maintaining her day job

The players on the field of Super Bowl LI won’t be the only ones putting the cap on a grueling, hard-fought year. Fox sideline reporter and TV personality Erin Andrews revealed she spent the football season waging a private fight against cervical cancer.

Speaking to Monday Morning Quarterback, Andrews, who is known to millions of Americans as a co-host of Dancing with the Stars and to others as the subject of a high-profile stalking case, discussed how her reporting during the football season served as her “escape” from the stresses she faced. Following her diagnosis and subsequent treatment, she still managed to work every week this season and will be suiting up for reporting duties at Super Bowl LI in Houston in two weeks.

While Andrews’ treatment required two surgeries, her condition didn’t require radiation or chemotherapy, which facilitated her continued work with minimal interruption.With no conspicuous absences from her reporting duties, she was able to maintain her privacy during the trying time.

Here’s a recent post to her Instagram account showing her at the NFC Championship game on Sunday:

Her success certainly hasn’t escaped the notice of her peers and fans, all of whom are in admiration of her resolve and delighted that one of the most beloved personalities in the NFL is now cancer-free.

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